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MBFS Holdings, LLC is a multi-faceted rights and brand company with full copyright ownership and management to some of the most iconic names and brands.


Brittany N Sparks "Somber Spaz" Makes Live Streaming return in 2021 on twitch. (Formally on Mixer)

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MBFS Holdings, LLC manages and Owns full copyright and distribution rights to some of the most iconic names and brands.


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Copyright and Trademark Notice

The Office of Matthew & Brittany, LLC through its holdings company MBFS Holdings, LLC Owns and retains rights as follows.

The textual, photographic, video, audio, and combined audiovisual programs and products resulting from The Office of Matthew & Brittany, LLC, Ybur Media, LLC, Summermoon Studios, LLC’s television programs, including the material contained in this website, are protected under U.S. and international laws as copyrighted works. Anyone who displays, reproduces, copies, creates derivative works, or sells our textual, photographic, video or audiovisual programs for commercial or non-commercial purposes without our permission, violates the copyright laws and is liable for copyright infringement.

Likewise, MBFS Holdings, LLC owns trademarks and service marks, including not only its logos, seals and marks, but also the names, any and all images (Past or Present), audio / video / live streams recordings (Past or Present) and the likeness of Matthew L Sparks®, Brittany N Sparks®

MBFS Holdings, LLC Owns trademark and copyright to the names Matthew L Sparks®, Noel Sparks®,Brittany N Sparks®, Blane Fedora®, Brittany Feulner®, Briti Bunnii®, Somberspaz®, Brittany Feulner® including names associated with both I/e (Black Peach™, Last Outlaw™, The Queen™, Peanut™, bludroid™, Bigdaddy™, Babygirl™ ), are also protected by state, federal, and international trademark laws.

Any person or service including social sites who uses our marks for commercial or non-commercial purposes without our prior full written permission (on goods or services that also in such a way that it dilutes the distinctive quality of our marks or that creates the likelihood of confusion with our marks, is liable for trademark infringement.

Liability for copyright or trademark infringement involves the potential for significant civil damages, including in particular cases, statutory damages, liability for up to three times actual damages, and attorneys' fees.

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Fraudulent accounts are those that replicate the identity of a known account, but are not the true account holder. The ident and security of our accounts are important and a serious matter to The Office of Matthew & Brittany. The accounts run by The Office of Matthew & Brittany are identified by the list on all official websites listed below. Some accounts have the verified badge.

Due to the nature and rapid pace of fraud accounts appearing, we monitor and report fake accounts daily.
The removal of the fraud accounts can take awhile due to the social media platform.

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Brittany N Sparks at brittanynsparks.com
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